Advanced 5 Stage Filter - Single Filter - Afterpay Available

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Advanced 5 Stage Filter - Single Filter Replacement Filter

5 Stage Water Filtration System includes, Activated Carbon, Bio-Ceramic Mineral Ball’s, Zeolite, Mineral Sand, and Mineral Stone. These combined stages deliver you highly purified, crisp and clean water.

Our water filters use a 5 stage filtration process that is designed to purify and optimise your drinking water. Through the 5 stage process, the filter removes impurities in the water including Chlorine; Bacteria; Organic sediment; Rust; Germs; and improves the taste of the water.The filter does NOT remove Fluoride, as that is good for your teeth.

Clean Water Australia’s Water Purifier units add important trace minerals required by our bodies including Magnesium; Potassium; Iodine; Iron; Zinc and Lithium.

This filter is fitted inside the water bowl. To ensure consistently clean and fresh water, filters should be replaced every 4-6 months at a maximum.

Keep enjoying fresh, clean and healthy water every day, without the high cost of bottled water. 

No need to buy bottled water anymore! SAVE LOTS OF MONEY each week by filling up a bottle before you leave home from your water purifier. 


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