Benchtop Water Purifier - Now available on Afterpay

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This benchtop water purifier holds 14L of water, simply lift the lid and fill up from your tap water into the purifier and  start enjoying clean fresh water.

You can save on bottles water costs and save the planet from all that plastic too. When you buy this water purifier there is no need to buy bottled water anymore, save lots of money each week by filling up a bottle before you leave home from your benchtop water purifier. 

Smart slim design for bench top use

  • Ideal on the bench at home or in a small office
  • Measures 60cm(h) x 26cm(w) x 29(d)
  • Dispenses room temperature water only

What's in the box: 

1 x Water Purifier 14L Capacity

1 x White Ceramic Filter

1 x 5 Stage Filter


  • The Water Purifier comes with a 1 year warranty* = Subject to filters being replaced every 4 months to maintain the purifiers quality
  • It is easy to install, comes with instructions on the side of the box
  • Clean Water Australia's filters do not remove Fluoride, as that needs to be in your water
  • The Water Purifier is made with BPA Free Plastic