Floor Standing Hot and Cold - Afterpay available

Regular price $499.00

  • Child proof hot water tap
  • 5 stage advanced filtration system
  • Does remove Chlorine
  • Easy to assemble
  • BPA Free Plastic
  • Ideal for home use or in a small office
  • Dispenses hot and cold purified water

Hot water temperature and capacity: 85-95o C; at 3 litres per hour. Cold water temperature and capacity: 6-10o C at .9 litres per hour.


The unit has two switches on the rear. They are power switches to separately operate hot and cold function. If the hot switch is turned off, the unit will dispense cold water from cold tap and room temperature from the hot tap. Similarly, if cold is turned off, unit will dispense hot water from the hot tap and room temperature from the cold tap.